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Our Top 5 Romantic Lodges – Valentines Special

It’s Valentine’s weekend and a time to celebrate all things about love! Botswana does romance like no other…we are talking private candlelit dinners, bubble baths under the stars and champagne bush breakfasts to name but a few. To celebrate this weekend, we’re highlighting our top 5 romantic lodges which push out all the stops to celebrate romance. If you’re lucky enough to be on safari this weekend, we hope you are thoroughly spoilt!


Xudum is a small, intimate lodge in the Okavango Delta which offers absolute luxury in the bush. Each suite is complete with a private plunge pool and elaborate en suite bathroom. It also has its own upstairs lounge, perfect for relaxing afternoon siestas or to sip a glass of wine, cuddle up and take in the beautiful views. Returning to your room after dinner you might find the bubble bath freshly run, or your bed turned down with a bottle of sparkling wine waiting for you. We won’t ruin the surprises too much, you’ll just have to come and see for yourself!

Photo: &Beyond Xudum



What could be more romantic than spending your holiday on a heart shaped island?! The word ‘Pelo’ means ‘Heart’, and so everything about this lodge is themed around that. As an entirely water based camp, activities are focused on Mokoro Trails, Boating and Walking safaris. This allows you to get extremely close to nature and will surely give you and your loved one an exclusive safari experience. With only 5 safari tents Pelo is able to offer lots of personal touches and is the ideal destination for those looking to escape the rush of everyday life.

Photo: Wilderness Safaris, Pelo Camp



Located on the incredible moon-like environment of the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans, San Camp offers breath taking luxury accommodation in idyllic white tents. With nothing to see but miles and miles of salt flats, this is the perfect destination to spend some quality time with your loved one. Whether its candlelit dinners under one of the most incredible star spangled ceilings of all time, or perhaps enjoying some fun photo opportunities with the semi-habituated Meerkats, San Camp go the extra mile to offer special experiences for guests.

Photo: Uncharted Africa, San Camp



Baines Camp prides itself on attention to detail and exclusive, romantic experiences for guests. A popular activity is the “star bed” where you can sleep under the stars on your deck, with only a mosquito net between you and the wild. If you’re celebrating your honeymoon or a special occasion, open air bubble baths can be arranged. Baines Camp is also able to offer the incredible and unique experience of walking with elephants which is something that will leave you with memories to last a lifetime. Marvel at these majestic animals as you walk alongside them and interact with them.

Photo: Sanctuary Retreats, Baines Camp



Zarafa oozes luxury and style, offering a high end service to guests. The camp is located in the Selinda Reserve, just North East of the Okavango Delta and a unique wildlife area. With décor in earthy tones, inviting private plunge pools and decadent lounges, the suites offer comfort like no other. Due to the small size of the lodge, personal touches are a frequent feature. Enjoy private bush dinners under the stars with the whoop of hyena as your soundtrack, or perhaps a glass of wine overlooking the sunset on your private deck. There are more surprises too, but we won’t give those away just yet…

Photo: Great Plains, Zarafa Camp



SEBA CAMP – our lodge of the month

Seba Camp is located in the diverse and game-rich Abu concession in the Okavango Delta and offers a personal safari experience in a great game viewing area. While our visit to Seba was now several months ago, we often find ourselves reflecting on fond memories of a welcoming, kind lodge and a thrilling safari…and this is why we have chosen it as our lodge of the month.


Personal Touches

Seba is home to wonderful staff who are always friendly and willing to help. The managers ate dinner with us and set the table alive with stories and laughs from their adventures in the bush. Special surprises are an unexpected delight, like driving home from our game drive and stumbling across a beautiful sundowner spot with lanterns lit and Gin & Tonics poured.


Spacious Rooms – Perfect For Families

Accommodation at Seba consists of spacious, en suite tented rooms with beautiful views of the Delta waters. There are also 2 family units which are perfect for children or close friends travelling together, consisting of separate en suite bedrooms connected with a corridor and sharing a veranda and plunge pool. The room décor is inviting and relaxing – our room had an upstairs balcony with a seating area, perfect for an afternoon siesta overlooking the elephants below!


Great Game Viewing and a Variety Of Activities

Seba offers a combination of land and water based activities (seasonally dependent) which maximises your game viewing opportunities. Game drives and night drives are perfect for seeking out predators and travelling further from camp, while boat cruises and mokoro excursions allow you to experience the peace and tranquillity of the Okavango Delta. Game viewing in general is impressive as the environment suits well to a variety of species. Leopard sightings are frequent while impressive herds of elephants are also a common feature. During our visit we were also blessed with vast herds of Zebra and Wildebeest.


For all these reasons and more, Seba has kept a little place within our hearts! It’s rustic charm is so refreshing to see, so if you’re looking for an authentic safari experience then Seba could be the perfect destination for you.

LEROO LA TAU – the hidden gem of the Makgadikgadi


This weekend we were given the opportunity to spend a night at Leroo La Tau – a lodge situated overlooking the Boteti River in the game rich Makgadikgadi. As a lesser-known safari destination, I had no idea what to expect, but little did I know that I would have one of my most exhilarating safaris to date.


Despite being only a 30 minutes light aircraft transfer from Maun, Leroo La Tau captures everything that is mesmerising and wild about Botswana. As you enter the lodge you walk out to the stunning swimming pool positioned with breath taking views of the river and wildlife below. The Boteti River was dry for decades, but recently began flowing again seasonally. With that, particularly during the dry season, Zebra and Wildebeest amongst other wildlife come in their thousands to quench their thirst.

P1050745 P1050748

Leroo La Tau also offer boat cruises when water levels permit. A matter of seconds after departing on our cruise we encountered a blur of black and white galloping down the steep banks to the river. There is something heart clenching about watching animals in their masses rushing down the riverbanks to the water’s edge. The riverbanks are also a prime area for predators to lie in wake, waiting for the opportunity to arise as distracted wildlife take a drink. We witnessed this ourselves the following morning on a game drive, where we encountered 8 of the biggest lions I’d ever seen, who had made a kill that very morning.

Along with Zebra, Wildebeest, predators and a mind blowing amount of birdlife, we had the fortunate sighting of a herd of elephant crossing the river. Sitting quietly by the riverside, our hearts full and eyes wide, we watched them swim and splash and drink.

BlogQuoteLeroo La Tau is not only about game viewing, although that certainly is a big attraction. The staff are kind, helpful and always willing to please, and surprises are never far away. From our evening boat cruise we noticed the flicker of flames on the riverbank, and saw that our very own Bush Dinner had been set up. With the stars as our ceiling we dined to the soundtrack of roaring lions and snorting hippo.

To find out what Leroo La Tau has in store for you, make a visit! As a hidden gem, the Makgadikgadi National Park is home to some of Botswana’s best kept secrets.



Cheetah at Chitabe!

Chitabe Camp is situated in a private concession in the Okavango Delta, and a short 15 minutes light aircraft transfer from Maun. In May, we had the pleasure of staying at this beautiful camp and experience all that it has to offer.


Upon arrival at the camp we were greeted by singing and dancing, a very friendly welcome which immediately put us at ease. The manager, Thompson, greeted us and showed us through to the beautiful communal bar/lounge area which overlooked the vast expanse of the floodplains. Chitabe is built on raised wooden walkways creating the feeling of being up in the trees and really at one with nature!

P1050589After lunch, we retired to our rooms for a siesta. The rooms are simply beautiful, there are 8 in total which are all positioned apart ensuring total privacy. While the walls are certainly canvas, the rooms themselves are a million miles away from camping… Offering spacious en suite bathrooms with both an indoor and outdoor shower (I promise – this is a must to experience!), and a huge double bed positioned to capture the view of the Delta.

In the afternoon we headed out on a game drive to see what the area had to offer. Within the first hour we headed to an overgrown area where the guides had previously spotted leopard. We waited eagerly, looking this way and that way,straining our eyes to make out any signs of a predator… Finally, we found what we were looking for, a leopard cub positioned beautifully on a tree with the evening light reflecting to create the most breath-taking photographs.  We returned to camp feeling exhilarated.

P1050612Dinner was communal, a great way to interact with other guests and make new friends. The meal was 3 courses and absolutely delicious.

Retiring to our rooms we settled down to a night sleep, with the whooping of hyenas the chorus to our dreams.

We were woken at 5:30 am while it was still dark and very cold (bearing in mind this is mid winter). For a moment we questioned our sanity… why are we heading out on a game drive in this freezing cold weather?! As it turned out, we will never ever regret that decision! Within the first hour we came across a pride of 3 lion taking shelter under a tree. One lion was blind in one eye, a very unique thing to see. But the best part came after that, as we headed back to camp we were informed via radio that a cheetah had been spotted on a kill. When we found the cheetah, it was panting heavily with the Impala kill lying next to it. Cheetah sightings are rare and it was fantastic to see it with a kill.

P1050663 P1050632

Returning to camp we packed our bags, and with heavy hearts we bid farewell to the fantastic staff and guiding team of Chitabe. A well run, beautifully located camp in a wildlife haven – we don’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone!