Why Botswana should be your travel destination of choice in 2016

Botswana was recently named by the Lonely Planet as the number one place to visit in 2016 and we couldn’t agree more! Blessed with some of the last remaining unspoilt wildernesses in the world, culturally rich and home to contrasting ecosystems, Botswana has endless reasons to be your number one holiday destination in 2016.



Home to one of the largest inland Delta’s in the world, the vast expanse of the Kalahari Desert, the phenomenal moon-like environment of the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans and an abundance of spectacular river systems, you don’t get more diverse than Botswana. Whatever time of year you visit there is always something magical to see. The lush, influx of life to the Kalahari during rainy season, the myriad of waterways in the Okavango Delta when the floods arrive or the overwhelming sight of Elephants in their thousands drinking from the Chobe River during dry season, there are very few countries which can offer this incredible variety of destinations.

AHBS NonRiding Mokoro 1


Culture has increasingly become an important part of a tourist’s wish list and Botswana does not disappoint. An educational walk with the local Bushmen in the Kalahari is a popular option, allowing guests to learn about traditional hunter/gatherer methods as well as local practices including natural medicines. Many lodges or safari companies also offer local home, school or village visits to see how the people of Botswana really live. While Botswana can take great pride in it’s abundance of wildlife and spectacular scenery, at the end of the day the local people are at the very core of what makes this country special.



Botswana has shown an impressive commitment to preserving it’s natural habitats. Focussing on high value / low impact tourism, the attraction of remote, exclusive and luxury safari camps is symbiotic with the promise to preserve these landscapes. Coupled with a strict ‘no tolerance’ for poaching and hunting, the desire to protect the country’s natural environments is commendable.


For more reasons as to what makes Botswana so special, visit it for yourself, you will not be disappointed!









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