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LEROO LA TAU – the hidden gem of the Makgadikgadi


This weekend we were given the opportunity to spend a night at Leroo La Tau – a lodge situated overlooking the Boteti River in the game rich Makgadikgadi. As a lesser-known safari destination, I had no idea what to expect, but little did I know that I would have one of my most exhilarating safaris to date.


Despite being only a 30 minutes light aircraft transfer from Maun, Leroo La Tau captures everything that is mesmerising and wild about Botswana. As you enter the lodge you walk out to the stunning swimming pool positioned with breath taking views of the river and wildlife below. The Boteti River was dry for decades, but recently began flowing again seasonally. With that, particularly during the dry season, Zebra and Wildebeest amongst other wildlife come in their thousands to quench their thirst.

P1050745 P1050748

Leroo La Tau also offer boat cruises when water levels permit. A matter of seconds after departing on our cruise we encountered a blur of black and white galloping down the steep banks to the river. There is something heart clenching about watching animals in their masses rushing down the riverbanks to the water’s edge. The riverbanks are also a prime area for predators to lie in wake, waiting for the opportunity to arise as distracted wildlife take a drink. We witnessed this ourselves the following morning on a game drive, where we encountered 8 of the biggest lions I’d ever seen, who had made a kill that very morning.

Along with Zebra, Wildebeest, predators and a mind blowing amount of birdlife, we had the fortunate sighting of a herd of elephant crossing the river. Sitting quietly by the riverside, our hearts full and eyes wide, we watched them swim and splash and drink.

BlogQuoteLeroo La Tau is not only about game viewing, although that certainly is a big attraction. The staff are kind, helpful and always willing to please, and surprises are never far away. From our evening boat cruise we noticed the flicker of flames on the riverbank, and saw that our very own Bush Dinner had been set up. With the stars as our ceiling we dined to the soundtrack of roaring lions and snorting hippo.

To find out what Leroo La Tau has in store for you, make a visit! As a hidden gem, the Makgadikgadi National Park is home to some of Botswana’s best kept secrets.




5 Reasons to travel to Botswana during Green Season

Botswana’s green season, otherwise known as the ‘secret season’, runs from approximately the beginning of November to the end of March. Characterised by the much anticipated rainfall which transforms the dry and arid land in to a lush, green paradise – green season has its unique advantages to visitors.

1. Scenery –

Botswana’s rains usually arrive during November, and they transform a barren land which has dried out from a long, hot, dry season in to a spectacular, green environment. Expect lands full of leafy trees, sprouting flowers and vibrant colours.


2. Migrations & Wildlife –

Green season is the setting for some of Botswana’s most spectacular migrations (who said game viewing was only good in dry season?!). When the rains arrive, many wildlife migrate towards the Kalahari Game Reserve in search of the fresh new grazing and plentiful waterholes, allowing for impressive sightings. Meanwhile, just before and just after rainy season you can expect to see the Zebra Migration where upwards of 20’000 zebra migrate from the Boteti River in the Makgadikgadi National Park to the Salt Pans for fresh grazing, and back again.


3. Affordable Rates –

Summer specials are a common feature during green season, with guests being offered special discounts and packages over this time. This means value for your money is excellent.

4. Quiet Season –

Compared to the busy dry season, green season is often much quieter allowing guests a more personal safari experience. Enjoy game sightings all to yourself, without the convoys of vehicles so often a feature during the dry season.


5. New-borns –

A lot of young are born during green season, due to the abundance of grazing, which makes for some unique wildlife sightings! With new-borns, predators are not far behind, allowing for some dramatic wildlife interactions.


MAUN – Where to Stay and What to Do?

Maun… the gateway to the Okavango Delta and the first experience of Botswana for many international arrivals. Due to flight arrival times, or the fact that you might have just spent more than 24 hours travelling to get here, a night in Maun is often a preferred option for many guests prior to starting their safari.

To help you get the most out of your first night in Botswana we’ve outlined, in our opinion, the best places to stay and what to do to fill your time.

Where To Stay……………..27401_l


  • Royal Tree Lodge is located about 30 minutes outside of Maun, and immediately throws you in to the safari fun! Situated on a reserve which is home to giraffe, zebra, oryx and a number of other plains game, it is a great introduction to Botswana’s wildlife.


THAMALAKANE RIVER LODGE thamalakane_chalet

  • Thamalakane is a preferred option for many as it is one of the more comfortable accommodation choices in Maun. About 20 minutes from the airport, its position on the Thamalakane riverfront is its unique selling point. Expect breath-taking sunsets from the candlelit dining area.


  • Audi Camp is a favourite for self-drivers coming through Maun due to its value for en suite tentmoney. Whether you choose to camp, or stay in the spacious en suite tents, Audi Camp is welcoming and hosts a great restaurant and pool area.

What To Do……………..

Scenic Flight  

  • If you won’t have the opportunity to fly in to one of the lodges, we always recommend to enjoy a scenic flight over the Okavango Delta. The unique bird’s eye view perspective allows for spectacular photo opportunities and sightings of huge herds of wildlife.

Boat Cruise on the Thamalakane River 

  • The majority of lodges in Maun offer afternoon boat cruises on the Thamalakane. While it is not a game viewing area, it allows you to experience great scenery, birdlife and sunsets.

Curio Shops and Craft Stalls

  • In the area surrounding the airport a number of curio shops can be found, selling souvenirs of Botswana. There are also stalls found along the side of the road, characterised by brightly coloured fabrics and cloths.